Sports & Remedial Massage

What is Sports Massage and Remedial Massage?
A massage designed to help you recover from exercise, relieve muscle aches, prevent injuries and enhances your sport and fitness performance.

Why should I receive Sports Massage?
When you exercise you may of notice that your body may become sore for a day or two. This is perfectly normal and is actually necessary for the body to build up strength and endurance. However our body also requires rest and recovery in order to work and function properly. Regular sports massage can help assist in this recovery and enhance your sport / fitness performance.

How often should I receive sports massage?
If you are training very frequently at high level of intensity (4-5 x per week), then its recommended that you receive treatment regularly e.g. once a week or fortnight. If you’re training at a more recreational level (2-3 x per week) then treatment doesn’t have to be as frequent e.g. once or twice a month.

Hot Stone Massage

What is Hot Stone Massage?
Hot Stone massage is an ancient form of massage / heat therapy which uses natural volcanic stones (Basalt stones) to massage the body. The soothing effect of the hot stones provides a very deep sense of relaxation throughout the entire mind and body, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and reenergised.

What are the benefits of Hot Stones Massage?
Reduces stress
Eases muscle tension
Relieves aches and pains
Provides deep relaxation
Helps reduce toxins within the body
Helps the body recover after sport / exercise


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